Earth-79715 diverges from Earth-616 in that a different human would be granted with the power of Nova. In this reality the recipient would be Helen Taylor, who months earlier witnessed her husband being shot in cold blood by a mugger who would escape arrest. Endowed with the Nova power, Taylor would start a one woman vigilante spree of New York's underworld in an attempt to track down her husband's killer. Those who would not be able to answer her questions would be killed. Of the criminals she would kill, the most notable would be the Kingpin by tossing him out the window of his office tower.

Eventually her murder spree would begin to attract the attention of the government who would fear her abilities and hire the Fantastic Four to take her down and try to find a way to neutralize her powers. Tracking Helen down, the FF would engage in combat however she would prove to be too strong for them to battle. Ultimately, it would be the Invisible Girl who would manage to take Helen down by cutting off her access to oxygen with an invisible force-field. Examining her body, Mr. Fantastic would find no way to neutralize her powers and would instead banish her to the Negative Zone so that she would be no threat to anyone.

As for the killer who murdered her husband: the man's body would be found in a car pulled out of Long Island Sound. A police investigation would identify that the man had swerved off the road and crashed into the water and drown shortly after he had gunned down Helen's husband.

Nova, Frank Taylor, Kingpin, Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, Human Torch, Thing)

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