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History on Earth-79816 would diverge from Earth-616 the night that Fu Manchu sent his son Shang-Chi to assassinate Dr. James Petrie. When Shang-Chi succeeded on murdering Petrie, he would escape into the night before Sir Nayland Smith would awaken and find his friend dead. Because of this difference in events, Shang-Chi would never learn from Smith of his father's evil and remain loyal to Fu Manchu. Returning to his fathers headquarters, Shang-Chi would be further convinced by his father that Smith was evil and must be destroyed as part of his goals to convert Earth culture to that of ancient China.

He would send Shang-Chi on a mission to Highgate Cemetery in London to collect the bodies of five Dacoits that were killed by Smith twenty years earlier. Smith meanwhile would be gathering his allies Blackjack Tarr, Clive Reston, and Leiko Wu together to try and put an end to Fu Manchu. Intelligence from M.I. 6 would lead them to Highgate Cemetery where they would clash with Shang-Chi and Fu Manchu's Si-Fan warriors. Although catching the Si-Fan by surprise, they would still manage to escape with the bodies thanks to Shang-Chi's fighting skills.

Taken back to Fu Manchu's hideout, the evil terrorist would use his Elixer Vitae to resurrect them as his Diacots of Death. When Shang-Chi would learn of his fathers goals to resurrect these men as his soldiers as a means of taking over London, he would begin to have wavering doubts about his fathers "noble" goals. Meanwhile, Blackjack Tarr and the others would question a captured member of the Si-Fan to learn the location of Fu Manchu's headquarters.

When Fu Manchu would unleash his Diacots of Death on Buckingham Palace in the hopes of eliminating the royal family, Smith and his friends would be there with the police to try and fight them back. Shang-Chi, not wishing to let innocent people be murdered by his father would break out of his home and go to Buckingham Palace to stop the Diacots of Death from completing their mission. Shang-Chi would help M.I. 6 fight off the invaders, however he would be horrified by Clive Reston's use of a flame thrower to incinerate the Diacots. Confronting his father, Shang-Chi would renounce him and his mission to take over the world and Fu Manchu would escape. When the remaining Si-Fan minions would be rounded up by the police, Nayland Smith would offer Shang-Chi to join them. However, having come to consider M.I. 6 to be no different than his father, willing to kill to suit their own ends, Shang-Chi would refuse and try to stop his father on his own.


Shang-Chi, Fu Manchu, Dr. James Petrie, Sir Nayland Smith, Blackjack Tarr, Clive Reston, and Leiko Wu, Si-Fan, Dacoits of Death

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