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In this reality, Vulcan fell into the M'Kraan crystal instead of Professor Xavier. Vulcan survived the Nightmare Field within the crystal and reached the White Hot Room where he met various other hosts of the Phoenix Force. One of them; a version of Quentin Quire told him that he shouldn't be here and that he was not worthy of the Phoenix Force since all he had within him was hate. Vulcan responded by killing the boy and the rest of the Phoenix hosts and becoming its sole avatar. He used his immense power to instantly destroy the Shi'ar empire and everyone present; with the exception of Rachel Grey and Alex Summers who managed to escape. Vulcan would go on to consume six more galaxies before targeting the Annihilation Wave and the Kree. He destroyed a third of the wave and killed Annihilus before consuming the Kree home galaxy.

Vulcan proceeded to set his sights toward Earth where Rachel and Alex had just arrived. They gathered the remaining members of the Summers family; Scott and Nathan Summers and journeyed into space where they found Krakoa. Vulcan engaged them here but found that he was unable to hurt them. Rachel managed to penetrate his mind and told him that the Phoenix responded poorly to negative emotions and that he was losing control of it. If he did, he would destroy all of reality. Gabriel realized now that all of his family was gathered, that all he ever wanted was a family. He sacrificed himself and returned the Phoenix to the White Hot Room. There the Phoenix promised to help him redeem himself.[1]

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