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In this universe, the super-villains united, defeated the heroes, achieved world domination, and divided the Earth into several territories, although the United States of America, renamed Amerika, is the only country shown divided up in this way. The countryside is a barren, almost lifeless landscape, a chaotic and dangerous wasteland littered with gangs of bandits and monstrous creatures. Dinosaurs imported from the Savage Land roam the land freely or kept as pets and moloids have sunk entire buildings into the ground in cities like San Francisco. Hammer Falls (formerly known as Las Vegas) has become a super-hero mecca since The Avengers were defeated and massacred there by the Absorbing Man and Magneto, where merchants sell hero-themed memorabilia from the old world and Thor’s Hammer is worshiped and prayed to as a holy icon by “true believers” in the hopes that their heroes would return one day. Logan and Hawkeye are a couple of the few surviving super-heroes in this bleak reality.[2]

Earth-807128 from Savage Avengers Vol 2 4 001

Doctor Octopus opened a portal into the Negative Zone, bringing the Annihilation Wave to Earth, before Spider-Man could stop him. Spider-Man then engaged the Annihilation Wave, but was captured and brought to Annihilus. Face-to-face with Annihilus, Spider-Man stole the Cosmic Control Rod; destroying the Rod with his powers and dying in the process.[3]

Post-Red Skull[]

After Logan killed the Red Skull,[4] the remaining heroes, or their children, came together as the Fantastic Force to retake the world.[citation needed]

Amerika from Wolverine Vol 3 66 002

Map of Amerika when dominated by villains

Years in the future, Reed Richards saved the Earth and humanity, allowing it to live in peace for over five hundred years, until the Earth started dying. Many of Earth's heroes died fighting Galactus, who was used as a power source to a time machine with which the surviving heroes traveled to Earth-616 in order to inhabit it. The Fantastic Four managed to give the heroes a new homeworld in the Nu-World.[5]



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