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* [[Natalia Romanova (Earth-807128)|Black Widow]] {{Deceased}}
* [[Natalia Romanova (Earth-807128)|Black Widow]] {{Deceased}}
* [[Blastaar (Earth-807128)|Blastaar]] {{Deceased}}
* [[Blastaar (Earth-807128)|Blastaar]] {{Deceased}}
* [[Ruth Aldine (Earth-807128)|Blindfold]]
* [[Ruth Aldine (Earth-807128)|Blindfold]] {{Deceased}}
* [[Frederick Dukes (Earth-807128)|Blob]]
* [[Frederick Dukes (Earth-807128)|Blob]]
* [[Bullseye (Lester) (Earth-807128)|Bullseye]] {{Deceased}}
* [[Bullseye (Lester) (Earth-807128)|Bullseye]] {{Deceased}}

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In this reality, the villains united and thwarted the heroes fifty years prior to the beginning of Old Man Logan, defeating them all and dividing up the world into territories, though the United States of America is the only country actually shown divided up in this way and ended up renamed Amerika. The land is chaotic and dangerous with Dinosaurs imported from the Savage Land roaming the land freely or kept as pets. Logan and Hawkeye are a couple of the few surviving heroes in this reality.[1] After Logan kills The Red Skull[2], the remaining heroes, or their children, come together to retake the world.[citation needed]
Amerika from Wolverine Vol 3 66 001

Map of Amerika when dominated by villains.

Years in the future, Reed Richards saved the Earth and humanity, allowing it to live in peace for over five-hundred years until the Earth started dying. Many of the Earth's heroes died fighting Galactus, who was used as a power source to a time machine with which the surviving heroes traveled to Earth-616 in order to inhabit it. The Fantastic Four managed to give the heroes a new homeworld in the Nu-World.[3]

Parts of this reality was later recreated as the Battleworld location of the Wastelands.[4]

When God-Emperor Doom was defeated and the Multiverse restored, Mister Fantastic started recreating the destroyed realities, including Earth-807128.[5]

Sometime later, Logan and Puck tried to mount an attempt to board the Brood-infected space station. As he was drifting off unconscionably, Logan was confronted by Kang the Conqueror, who told him time has been twisted and the new Warlord of his time happened to be Bruce Banner Jr.[6]

Other Residents

Mark (Earth-807128)

Mark (Earth-807128) from Old Man Logan Vol 2 8 0001


Mark and his brother were about to be photographed by their mother flanked by a man dressed as Spider-Man when began the joint assault of all the super criminals in Manhattan.[7]

  • This reality has also been mistakenly misnumbered as either Earth-21923 or Earth-90210.[8]
  • This world shares virtually the same history with that as Earth 616/Prime Earth, with it's discrepancies being: Logan being far older than his mainstream counterpart, already being an adult by the War of 1812 and Logan having raised Laura Kinney himself in New York.

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