Earth-808 would diverge from Earth-616 during the years that Victor von Doom attended State College. In this reality, when his classmate Reed Richards would find incorrect calculations with Doom's device to contact he afterlife, Doom would react to the news differently. Unlike on Earth-616, Doom would listen to Richard's warnings and the two would work together to make the necessary corrections. With the device working properly, Doom would access the neither world and learn that his mother was suffering in the afterlife.

With a new devotion in life, Doom would thank his friend Reed Richards and quit college to focus his time on learn the occult arts in the hopes of freeing his mothers soul. Seeing tutelage by a remote sect of Tibetan monks, they would teach them all they knew and would construct for him a golden suit of armor. Then one night, Doom would succeed in casting a spell that would free his mothers soul from the neitherworld. This however, would not go unnoticed as his mothers soul was owned by the demon lord Mephisto who would seek to get revenge against Doom for stealing one of his slaves.

Doom meanwhile would travel to his native Latveria and use his armor to attempt to oust tyrannical ruler Rudolfo from the Latverian throne. In the battle, a bullet fired from Rudolfo would bounce off Doom's armor and mortally would the ruler. Following Rudolfo's death, Victor would take over rule of Latveria, freeing those enslaved during Rudolfo's rule, including his childhood love Valeria. The two would soon be wed, however their marital bliss would be short lived.

After their wedding they would drive through Latveria to the cheers of it's people, only for their trip to be halted when Mephisto would step in. Plucked to Mephisto's realm, Doom would learn that in punishment for freeing his mothers soul, Mephisto has taken all of Latveria. Doom would attempt to fight the hell-lord to win his people and his land back but would fail. Mephisto would tell Doom that he could have his land back if he replaces the soul that he had liberated and offers him a choice: The soul of Doom or that of his newly wed wife Valeria. Doom, his pride to strong and still having a great vision for his people and the world would be unable to sacrifice himself and offer up the soul of his true love in exchange for the freedom of his people. Accepting the deal, Doom would be returned to the very moment he was taken away and find that Valeria is now gone.

With the people of Latveria wondering what happened to their new queen, Doom would rush off to his castle. There he would be sequestered for the one moment each year where he would have the opportunity to cast a spell where he would challenge Mephisto in order to save the soul of Valeria.

Victor Von Doom, Reed Richards, Cynthia von Doom, Mephisto, Prince Rudolfo, Valeria, Boris

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