Earth-808122's history appears to be the same as Earth-616's, up until Johnny Blaze either remained Ghost Rider or returned as Ghost Rider earlier. The second known divergence is that when this universe's De'Lila infiltrated the Fantastic Four as her Earth-616 counterpart did, she killed Reed Richards, Susan Richards, and Johnny Storm in the process.

After De’lila was captured, the world mourned the loss of the three heroes, and a powerless Ben Grimm decided to leave the hero business to raise Franklin Richards away from the superheroic life. Before leaving, Ben suggested that the new Fantastic Four (Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Hulk and Spider-Man) remain together to prevent any similar tragedy from happening again.[1]



  • Although Danny Ketch was the Ghost Rider who was on the New Fantastic Four of Earth-616, at the time of production, writer Jeff Parker mistakenly thought Johnny Blaze was Ghost Rider during this time and artist Mike Wieringo subsequently drew Blaze as the Ghost Rider. Although Parker found out about the mistake and Wieringo planned to change it once he finished drawing the entire comic, Wieringo passed away after finishing seven pages. It was decided to keep the pages as they were, unaltered. [1]

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