It's an Earth where no one has superpowers. Apart from the South Pole, there are no continents only islands of various sizes and shapes scattered across the world. There are two dominant species on Earth, Saurian and human. Ages ago the two species were on the verge of mutual destruction, resulting in the formation of the two bands of heroes. The Sons of Iron and the Daughters of the Dragon, who together keep the peace on Earth. The former wearing power armor and the latter females with martial arts training. The Daughters of Dragon are a mostly human organization, though there are teams of Saurians among them. The Sons of Iron are mostly Saurian but are all masked and therefore the people don't know if the wearer is a Saurian or human.[1]

The Shi'ar Death Commandos arrived on Earth in pursuit of Princess Nerimani and were on the verge of capturing her, when the Exiles appeared. Who defeated the Death Commandos after which the Exiles were taken into custody by the Sons of Iron and Daughters of the Dragon. The Exiles and Nerimani explained to them who the Shi'ar were and the threat they posed to Earth.[1] London and the headquarters of the Sons of Iron were assaulted by the Shi'ar Death Commandos who did battle with the local defenders and the Exiles. During which they discovered that Empress Lilandra had formed an alliance with Empress Hydra, and one of the targets were the Exiles.[2] Lilandra had usurped the Shi'ar throne, seizing power rather than having her peace loving sister lead the Shi'ar Empire. Her sister finally had enough of running and decided to fight Lilandra. During the battle, Empress Hydra was slain by Cat but at the cost of her own life, dying in Mystiq's arms. Upon the final defeat of the Shi'ar Death Commandos, Lilandra was forced to surrender.[3]

The Shi'ar Imperial Guard arrived on Earth, helping its inhabitants rebuild. At the planetary capital of London, the fate of Lilandra was determined in a court. Nerimani convinced Earth's President to let Lilandra stay on Earth, imprisoned and in exile. She informed him that having beaten her sister in a fair fight, the Shi'ar would respect her victory and give her a chance to prove she was a worthy empress. Not to mention the fact that she also had the Imperial Guard on her side. Due to the harm that the Shi'ar had done to Earth over several generations, Nerimani offered Earth an alliance with the Shi'ar.[4]

  • The Atop the Fourth Wall comic reviewing web series dubbed this world "Bikini planet" in their Exiles review, due to all the females including the aliens wearing skimpy outfits.

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