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Early Years

This universe seems to have a similar time line to Earth-1610, up until the event known as Ultimatum, where differences can be noticed; one difference being that the Human Torch of this universe was killed in the Ultimatum Wave.[1]

Ultimatum and Beyond

Susan Storm, driven by the grief of the death of her brother, has become a despot in charge of ridding the world of mutants and super powers. Reed Richards managed to create a machine he dubbed "The Promise", which he used to remove Ben Grimm's condition. Unfortunately there was an accident and he himself also lost his powers, along with Cyclops, Jean Grey and Captain America, among others.

Susan turned on Reed and dumped him in the N-Zone (where he later took on the alias of Nihil) and began a relationship with Namor. Together they reformed the Fantastic Four, along with Iron Man (Ben Grimm) and Firestar. Susan created the N-Zone Facility and used it as a prison to hold any captured mutants, or anyone with abilities for that matter, policed by Sentinels that are modeled after Wolverine to make them better hunters and killers.

In an effort of desperation, the X-Men travelled to the past to kill Reed Richards in an attempt to change history.



  • What is interesting about this universe is that it is more or less a "What If?" story about the outcome of Ultimatum in the Ultimate Universe, but this story was released before the Ultimatum event even occurred.
  • Earth 81122 is described as "20 years from now".

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