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Instead of targeting Wolverine (as stated by the protocols and as X-13 did on Earth-616) while the X-Men were investigating a floating space ship in Chaparanga, Agent X-13 killed Cyclops, giving him enough time to engage the Ghost Box, deploying three Deathlok-Class Units and retreating.

One of those Sentinels, powered by an enslaved Magneto, bend Wolverine's Adamantium legs. Armor, Emma Frost and Storm were projected out of the ship, and fell to their death except for Armor.

The Deathlok Class Units then rampaged on Indonesia, and after an exchange of nuclear exchanges, the Stark Tower fell, easing the annex.

Making his report to his superiors, who subtly blame him, X-13 left, stating that that Earth would be ravaged for years, as the locals would hide underground, resisting.




  • This reality seems to possibly evolve to Earth-92272 in the future, in regard of many aspects:
    • Armor and Wolverine doesn't get killed, as for Beast, which one we don't see at all here, and those three are the only survivors on Earth-92272.
    • Wolverine's legs are bent after a magnetic attack of an alternate Magneto bound into a Deathlok Class Unit, as was those of Wolverine on Earth-92272, bent on the "first attack".
    • The Agent X-13 speculated that a resistance will live for years on this earth, as appears on Earth-92272 where the locals lived resisted for four years, five counting on the three last X-Men forgotten by everyone.
  • Prior to being given an official reality number, this universe was known as Earth-TRN046 as part of our Temporary Reality Numbers classification system.

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