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This reality differs in many ways from Earth-616 due to several manipulations to the timeline by that universe's Mephisto. The first known divergence happened just before Peter Parker and Mary Jane's wedding. On the day before the ceremony, Spider-Man stopped Electro and his henchmen. One of these henchmen was Eddie Muerte. Taking the shape of a bird, Earth-616's Mephisto approached the police car where Eddie was being detained and unlocked its doors, allowing him to escape. At sunrise the following day, Eddie tracked down Thomas Hepbum, the officer who had arrested him. Eddie tried to kill him, but Spider-Man intervened. Eddie escaped, and almost fell from a rooftop. Spider-Man dived to catch him, but when he shot a web to break their fall, he missed and had to use his body to cushion Eddie. The hit knocked both out for hours, causing Peter to miss his wedding.[1]

Even though Peter managed to clear up with MJ that he didn't intend to miss the ceremony, she walked away from him since she didn't want Peter's alter-ego to get between them again. After a few days, MJ reconsidered and got back together with Peter. Having come to terms with the fact that she wanted to get married to have kids, but realizing she wouldn't want to have kids with Peter since it would be dangerous, Mary Jane decided that she no longer needed to get married to be together with Peter.

Many years later, after the Civil War, May Parker was shot by a sniper under the orders of the Kingpin. When May flatlined while Peter was at the hospital where she was being treated, he performed CPR on her, miraculously bringing her back to life.[2] After learning from a nurse under his thumb that May was going to make full recovery, Kingpin sent an assasin to kill Anna Watson and then Mary Jane and the rest of her family. Peter stopped the assasin and found out he was Eddie Muerte.

Having decided that his loved ones would never be safe with his identity public, Peter requested Doctor Strange to erase the memory of his identity from the world. Subsequently, Doctor Strange used the Astral Plane to contact Tony Stark and Mister Fantastic and discuss this matter.[3] After Tony convinced Reed and Strange to make Peter the only person to remember his public unmasking, they set out to make the world forget. Strange and Reed used magic and radically unstable digigenetic viruses to wipe all history, recorded, remembered or otherwise of Peter's unmasking. They used Tony's Extremis-enhanced body to control and broadcast the spell. When Strange proceded with the spell, he created a protective cell for Peter to take refuge to retain his memories. However, at the last second, Peter pulled MJ into the cell. After the ordeal, Mary Jane got angry at Peter for not letting her forget too, believing that her knowing was still risky, not only for herself, but also her family. While Peter was paying May a visit at the hospital, Mary Jane left Peter behind.[4]

The events that transpired in this reality different from Earth-616 were "woven" into this universe by Mephisto when Peter and Mary Jane made the deal with him to save Aunt May after she had been shot, at the cost of their marriage never happening.[5]


  • This reality represents the changed timeline of Spider-Man after the events of One More Day. Since the timelines of this reality and Earth-616 are merged, some of the events of One More Day and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 are overwritten from Earth-616 and replaced with the events of this timeline along with seemingly some other small differences in the overall timeline due to the erasure of the Peter/MJ marriage.

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