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When Paul Destine (Destiny) attacked Atlantis, Namor (Sub-Mariner) was called in to stop him, which he did. After Destiny's defeat, Namor was gone from Atlantis for a lengthy period of time, which he spent burying Destiny's Helmet of Power and destroying the machines that powered it. Upon his return, Namor found that his cousin, Byrrah, had killed Emperor Thakorr and assumed the throne.

Leaving in anger, Namor remained in self-exile until a scout ship from Atlantis found him and asked for his help in freeing Atlantis from the grip of Attuma. Namor declined, as Atlantis had cast him out without reason. Days later, Namor was once again contacted by the scout ship, who revealed that Attuma had killed Princess Fen, Namor's mother. Namor vengefully returned to Atlantis, killed Attuma, and freed the Atlanteans, but the remaining Atlanteans opted not to remain in a destroyed Atlantis. The survivors left in self-exile, leaving Namor to rule over an empty kingdom.


Namor McKenzie (Earth-8310), Princess Fen, Emporer Thakorr

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