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This reality is home to Spider-UK.[1]

When the Master Weaver tried to send Spider-UK back to his home universe after he had been away fighting the Inheritors as a member of the Spider-Army, the Master Weaver noticed that the reality was no more. As a member of the Captain Britain Corps, Spider-UK had been informed of the existence of the multiversal phenomena known as incursions, and concluded that had been the cause of his universe's demise.

Spider-UK is the only known survivor of this reality.[2] He would later die at the hands of Verna, leaving this reality with no survivors.[3]



  • When the void left by the destruction of this universe was seen by Karn, it was wrongly reperesented by a black void. The nothingness as a consequence of the demise of an universe due to incursions is represented by a blank void.[4][5]
  • Mysterio of Earth-199999 claimed that he was from this reality to Peter Parker.[6]

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