The Scarlet Witch ages and Vision does not
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The history of Earth-83438 likely mirrored that of Earth-616 up until the year 1982.

50 years in future, Jocasta allowed a dying Wanda Frank to take her body and be with Vision forever.[1]


  • Jocasta's tombstone gives her "birth" year as 1977 and death year as 2032. Not only does this mean the story is set in the year 2032, it means the events of Avengers #162 occurred in its publication year of 1977, and wasn't affected by the sliding timeline as Earth-616 was.
  • The divergent point between Earth-616 and Earth-83438 is 1982, as the opening narration indicates the What If story takes place "Fifty years from today." Among the differences:
    • Thor still maintains his Donald Blake identity.
    • Scarlet Witch refers to herself as Wanda Frank, meaning she never changed her surname to Maximoff at any point during the decades as the Earth-616 Scarlet Witch did.
    • Vision and Scarlet Witch separated for about a year before getting back together. During that same year, Beast lost his fur for reasons unknown.
    • Roxxon had a Great Purge of employees in 2002 that included Arthur Dearborn, who never went back to the company since and joined the Avengers.
    • Tony Stark's heart gave out at some point, leading James Rhodes to permanently take over as Iron Man until Rhodey himself had a stroke a few years before 2032. Rhodey's son Michael Rhodes subsequently became the latest Iron Man.
    • Quicksilver died in a final battle against Magneto. Since Scarlet Witch never refers to Magneto as her real father in the story, either she never learned the truth, or did not want to acknowledge it.
    • Cassandra Lang never learned that Donald Blake was Thor.

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