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Earth-838 is a reality that contains elements similar to Earth-199999, Earth-82111, Earth-92131 and Earth-616, among other universes throughout the Multiverse.

On Earth-838, the existence of Inhumans such as Black Bolt and the Terrigen Mist has been known for some time, though for how long and in what capacity Inhumans have contributed to this Earth's history is unknown. Similarly, Mutants such as Professor Charles Xavier exist in the public on this world to an unknown capacity. At some point during World War 2, Peggy Carter underwent a dangerous procedure to become the "First Avenger", Captain Carter. Other residents of this universe included Maria Rambeau who became Captain Marvel, the Fantastic Four, Stephen Strange and Thanos.

When this universe's Stephen Strange learned of Thanos, he attempted to use the Darkhold to find some way of stopping him by peering into other universes. Due to the dangers inherent in the Darkhold's spells, however, Strange had instead inadvertently caused an Incursion and the death of another universe. Remorseful, Strange turned to Professor X, Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, and Captain Carter for assistance. They formed the Illuminati to make the 'difficult choices' in defending their universe, and then used the Book of the Vishanti to defeat Thanos. Following this, the Illuminati had Black Bolt secretly execute Doctor Strange for his crimes and lied to their Earth, claiming he gave his life fighting Thanos. Baron Mordo was made the next Sorcerer Supreme and given Strange's spot on the Illuminati following these events.

Years later, Doctor Strange of Earth 199999 and America Chavez fled to this universe escaping the Scarlet Witch. The two were kidnapped by the Illuminati and brought to the Baxter Building, but set free after their Wanda Maximoff, possessing her own counterpart, arrived and quickly murdered every member of the Illuminati except Mordo.



  • In this universe, traffic lights work the opposite way: you cross with the red light and stay with the green light.

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