The setting of the 1997 live-action series Night Man, as well the 1983 shows Manimal and Automan.

  • The sixth episode of season two of Night Man was a crossover with the earlier Glen A. Larson series Manimal. The Manimal episode "Breath of the Dragon" also contained a cameo appearance by Walter Nebicher, the protagonist of Automan, another Glen A. Larson show; the scene in which Walter appears was later shown from his point-of-view in an episode of Automan.
  • The suit that this version of Night Man wears is different from his comic counterpart's; it was a military prototype with a cloak that granted invisibility,[1] an anti-gravity belt for flight,[1] and a red lens that could shoot a laser.[2] The comic book version had none of those features, as that version of Johnny Domino developed his suit on his own. [3]

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