A reality visited by the Exiles in which there are both dragons and knight and modern-day tecnology.
Prince Domenic was sent out to slay a dragon but fell in love with Marysal (her) instead. Disgusted and furious, Queen Erin hired Venger to murder the dragon and bring her son back. Unfortunately, Marysal and Domenic came back on their own, and King Michael took a dagger to the chest from Venger to save the Dragon, whom he had grown fond of. After Venger defeat a the hands of the Exiles, Queen Erin decided that if the rest of her family could love a dragon, so could she, and Marysal took her human form to marry Dominic, much to everyone's suprise.

Venger was eventually recruited by Madame Hydra of Earth-1720 to join her mission against the Exiles to dominate the Omniverse.

Marysal, Prince Domenic, Queen Erin, King Michael, Venger

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