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Alternate reality set in 2020 AD. First seen when Machine Man awoke to battle Baintronics. Home world of Iron Man 2020, Death's Head II (Minion), Death Wreck, Death Metal, Spider-Girl 2020, and Wild Thing (Nikki Doyle).

The 1980s witnessed the mysterious disappearance of many heroes, leading to the world being taken over by megacorporations. Virtual reality games were the dominant form of entertainment by the late 1990s. On the black market, there were dangerous versions of these VR games, creating a significant number of addicts called Vidiots. The dominant global corporations were Baintronics, A.I.M, Trasktech, and Stark International, all of whom control orbital platforms. Sharing the atmosphere are organizations like S.H.I.E.L.D..[1]

It is a world in which over industrialization resulted in power and wealth being concentrated in a tiny upper class. The working class were replaced by robots which resulted in riots that were suppressed by the governments. Which became the puppets of the corporate powers. Humans are nothing more than slaves to the ruling corporations, as nations no longer exist. The few rebels that exist live like animals, in packs that scavenge technology as they try to avoid extermination.[2]

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