Feeling soft and watching his herald Nova die due to his lack of energy, Galactus travels to the Earth-616 to ask Reed Richards for help. But Galactus does not find him in the Baxter Building and looks for Richards' energy pattern in New York.

Galactus finds Franklin Richards in the circus in the company of May Parker and Mary Jane Watson and decides that will use Franklin Richards as his new herald but Franklin apparently makes use of his power to transfer the transformation energy received from Galactus to May Parker so that she becomes Golden Oldie: Herald of Galactus.

Franklin finds out that the sponge cake treat called "Twinkles" can sate Galactus hunger so that the Golden Oldie collects all Twinkles on Earth and bring them to Galactus, but he has still not enough. So he sends the Golden Oldie to travel the galaxy until she finds a suitable world for Galactus to devour.

As it happens the Golden Oldie finds a planet in the form of a Twinkle, which was guarded by "Dough Boy" the Creator of Twinkle Worlds. The Golden Oldie summons her new master to the planet and Dough Boy is so enamored of Galactus, he offered his services to him in creating worlds for him to consume.

Galactus takes the Dough Boy as his new herald and releases the Golden Oldie from his service, allowing her to return home, back to Earth.

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