Earth-869371 is an alternate future that diverged from Earth-616. It is home to Justice Peace, an officer of the Special Services of the Federal Police. He hails from Brooklynopolis, a city-state located in North America. In this era, ordinary crimes were kept at a minimum due to genetic encryptic at birth.[1]

In this reality's planet Earth, World War VII came to pass after the assassination of the Mayor of Brooklynopolis during a ceremony for the connection of the old Panama Canal with the Crater Lake in Patagonia. Her assassin was a diplomat from the Greater Tashkent Protectorate. Since ordinary crimes were uncommon during this time, the political repercussions of the assassination stormed the world, and war broke out. The killer was eventually found and executed on the spot, but it turned out he was only an empty husk carrying the evil entity known as Zaniac. The vermin that carried Zaniac's essence bursted out of its dead host and escaped.

The Special Services managed to trace Zaniac's activities centuries into the past, but only managed to pinpoint his exact whereabouts in a specific point in time. The Special Services convinced the Time Variance Authority to send Justice Peace to this time period, which was the modern era of Earth-616. Once in the past, Justice Peace worked together with Thor and kill Zaniac's past self.[1]


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