Several of the New Mutants found themselves in this future reality. Where there had been a devastating war, the bloodiest in human history in which Mutants were nearly exterminated. Prior to the star of the war, Professor Xavier was murdered by federal agents. Magneto led the mutants to victory against the humans, and founded a new global society dominated by mutants. It was a world in which mutants lived in a mutant "utopia", with futuristic technology and a high standard of living.[1]

Non-mutants lived in ghettos and any mutant children that they bore were taken away by the Arbitrators who were mutant police. In the process of helping defying the Arbitrators and helping non-mutants, the New Mutants were captured by the Arbitrators and then discovered that in New York City the Chief Abritrators were Sunspot and Magma, both decades older.[1] Before their minds were wiped and reprogramed to be good citizens, they were rescued and taken back to their home reality by Xavier via Magik.[2]

Sunspot, Magma, Energizer, Archangel

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