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During the human/mutant war, the X-Men were in the middle of the conflict. They managed to save the President from a terrorist mutant, changing the perception of the humans for the mutants, and bringing about (among other events) an era of cooperation between the two subspecies.

Professor X's dream of mutants and humans living in harmony had come true. A new police force was officiated by Jean Grey and Scott Summers, government-appointed officers, while Ororo Munroe is the school Headmaster, and the leader of one of the many X-Men squads, now composed of mutants, a human, and an A.I. to ensure the legality of those police forces' actions.

James Howlett, on the other side, had become a super-terrorist due to a massive brain injury during the war. He viewed the change of the X-Men into a police force as a sellout of Xavier's dream. Along with his supporters, he fights the persistent bigotry of humans and opposes the X-Men.[1]


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