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In this alternate reality, the Silver Surfer is still trapped within the barrier put around the Earth by Galactus. He is just outside of Earth's atmosphere when he spots and is attacked by a Kree cruiser. It is ultimately destroyed but the Surfer is blasted and falls back to Earth. These events are all being watched by Mephisto who intends to once more manipulate the Surfer to his own ends.

The Surfer wakes up some time later in a hospital room, with the Human Torch, Alicia Masters, and the Sub-Mariner watching over him. The Surfer revives and is told of recent Kree attacks on Earth. The Surfer goes to the site of the most recent and gets information from Clay Quartermain who has a SHIELD unit out investigating.

The Surfer tracks down the two Kree soldiers and defeats them both in battle. This infuriates Mephisto, and it's also noticed by the Supreme Intelligence on distant Kree-Lar. The Intelligence is looking for the child of Mantis so that he may destroy it. He finds the perfect tool in Mangog, who is still ant sized following his battle against Thor. The Supreme Intelligence contacts him and promises to restore him if he tracks down the child of Mantis and kills it. Mangog agrees and is restored to his normal height and goes on a rampage.

The Silver Surfer meanwhile, has met with Mantis who invites him into her home where she tells the Surfer all about her past and connections with Mantis, and that her son -- Sprout, is a human/plant hybrid. They are interrupted by Mangog's attack. The Surfer and Mantis battle the creature, however not even the intervention of Sprout seems to be enough to stop Mangog. However, the Surfer soon figures out the unstoppable creatures Achilles heel: It's a creature spawned on vengeance. So when the Surfer submits to Mangog, it saps the creatures strength and it eventually fades into nothingness.

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