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The Visions's consciousness spread to across so many computers, that he left his android body a lifeless husk. His intellect remaind active within Earth's computers and as far SHIELD could tell, Vision was now in every computer and electronic system on Earth. The world is told by Ultra-Vision not to panic, for he had taken over the world's computers to ensure a new future for mankind, starting with putting an end to the threat of nuclear war. He informs the world that he intends to rule them but not as a tyrant and hopes humanity works with him in forging a new future.

Under the supervision of Captain America and other superheroes, the world's nuclear arsenal is dismantled. As peace reigns on Earth, the defense industries start to shut down. X-Factor and others work the streets of major cities feeding the homeless. Financial resources that were once used in the arms race were now used to help the homeless. In Africa, the Black Panther and other heroes supervise greatly increased harvests, brought about by Western investment and the superior technology of Wakanda and others. Led by Reed Richards, computer efficient power stations that use solar energy are constructed. In the Amazon, Thor cause rain to pour on the jungle. No longer are political dissent and democracy suppressed in the world, as millions now have access to the vision thru through computer terminals. Within a few years, the world is finally united as the "United Earth".

The combined military forces of Earth are now in charge of space exploration, and built a permanent space station. Wolverine leads the grown up New Mutants on a mission to Mars where they plant the flag of the United Earth. Mutants are now idolized, and lead the first wave of space pioneers and colonizers. With the development of faster than light propulsion, mankind is finally able to travel the stars. During the next century and a half, humanity expands across the stars. In the year 2156, the Cosmic Avengers were summoned by Starhawk. Who informed that since Earth became a galactic power they had been constantly challenging the older empires of the Skrulls and Kree, and Starhawk had learned that they had recently joined forces to destroy Earth.

The Skrulls and Kree had decided that directly attacking Earth with their forces would result in a great bloody and devastating galactic war, as the humans had too many allies, including the Rigellians and Aakon. It would be a war that they were not guaranteed to win and therefore it was decided to cause Halley's comet to crash into Earth, making it look like the destruction of Earth was a cosmic accident and thereby putting an end to the Human Alliance. By this time on Earth, the United States was just one of many states and it was nowhere near being the most important state. Starhawk led the Cosmic Avengers to Halley's Comet, who then assaulted the Kree and Skrull forces. Where they emerge victorious, killing the Supremor and the Mega-Skrull robot, and forcing the rest of the Kree and Skrull to retreat. Their defeats at the hands of the Cosmic Avengers has resulted in rebellion and revolution within the two empires as the Kree and Skrulls rose against their regimes. Vision predicted that these developments would result in peace-loving regimes coming to power among both the Kree and Skrulls, who would then be welcomed among peace loving worlds.[1]

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