After Vision took over the world's computers, the rulers of Genosha saw it as an existential threat to their nation. To force Vision into a state of shock both in body and mainframe, they teleported a nuclear weapon to New York City. Which kills not only millions of humans but most of the world's superheroes who had come to hear Vision plead his case at the United Nations. Despite the devastation, it failed to destroy Vision as his mind was already entrenched in every computer across the planet. With its financial center annihilated, the American economy collapses and Vision is blamed by the populace. As Neo-Luddite wrath spread among the Americans, they began to destroy all machine. The government disintegrates and it's armed forces refuse to obey the Vision. Though the breakdown starts in the United States, it soon spreads across the world. India, China, and the Soviet Uion, all fall apart into warring factions. Throughout the world, savage disorder is the new norm. The world quickly spirals downward into chaos and anarchy, as men fight against each other using ever less sophisticated weaponry.

The Vision uploads a message to the computer systems of a select few, those who he knew would not give up their computers and who he saw as mankind's best hope to prevent the doom of Earth. Who were Doctor Doom, the Thinker, the Kingpin, and Hydra. Vision proposed that they pooled their resources to impose their will on the Earth via technological force of arms, and establish a New World Order on the world, one of discipline, loyalty, and obedience. With Vision's help, the Mad Thinker built an army of 100,000 Awesome Androids which the Kingpin's criminal organization uses to take over the United States. Doctor Doom conquers first Europe and then the weakened Soviet Union with an army of Vision-enhanced robots. It falls to Hydra with an army of both androids and robots to complete the conquest of Earth, with Japan being the last to fall along with its defender Sunfire.

Months after the world's conquest, Earth had been transformed into a ruthlessly cold and efficient world. In which the factories are once again up and running, trains are running on time, and the citizenry are now just numbers who serve the "Elite", the quintent who run the world. The regime mercilessly crushes those who oppose its reign and "re-education" camps are setup across the world, especially the parts of the world managed by Hydra. Though the Vision is aware of this, it considers it the best path forward for mankind having witnessed the chaos and anarchy which resulted from freedom. The human race then surges into the stars as conquerors on warships carrying the Hydra's symbol of the skull-headed octopus with Vision's gleaming diamond before it. Earth enslaves weaker races such as the Alpha Centaurians, brings the Aakon's ancient trading empire to its knees, and conquers various Rigellion planets whose colonists they slaughter.

By the start of the 22nd century, it brings the human empire toward controntation with the two oldest empires, the Skrulls and Kree. Who threaten to wage war against the humans togethe if they did not withdraw. The Vision in turn offered them both an alliance, which they accepted. One in which they would crush the already weakend Rigellians and the other two space-faring empires, the Shi'ar and the Badoon. In reality neither the Kree or Skrulls were going to honor the alliance, planning to turn on the humans once the other space powers had been destroyed or subjugated. In turn the humans likewise had no plans to keep the peace, merely using the alliance to postpone their clash with them to give their secret plan time to go into effect.

The allies divided up the targets with the Kree destroying the Badoon, the Skrulls crushing the Rigellians, and the Shi'ar throneworld assaulted by Earth's shock troops in a secret attack. Doom offers Empress Lilandra the chance to surrender and have her life spared, which she acccepts due Doom's reputation of being a man of his word. Unfortunately for her, that trait had been eliminated by Vision when he cloned Doom, and she was murdered by Doom. Ending the Earth-Kree-Skrull War with the victory of the Earth/Kree/Skrull Axis. Back on the Skrull space sttion, the Kree Imperial Minister reveals to Doom their treachery. While the humans were wiping out the Shi'ar, the Kree only pretended to annihilate the Badoon. In reality a secret pact was formed between the Kree, Badoon, and Skrulls against the Earth, establishing the Skrull/Kree/Badoon Confederation. He was told tht a mighty three-empire armada had been assembled and was ready to eliminate Earth.

To their shock they learned that Vision foresaw their treachery and Doom revealed to Mega-Skrull and the Kree Imperial Minister the truth. On Hala, a brainwashed Kree uploaded a virus program into the Supreme Intelligence which put Vision in control of the Kree computer network. The Skrulls in turn had been using the drug Thraxoin, a compound developed for Vision which turned the Skrulls blue and would kill them if they did not get their regular supply of the drug from Earth. Hydra seized the Badoon's hidden planet, where they sent the females and their eggs, and used them as hostages to force the Badoon to surrender or become extinct. Resulting in victory for Earth in the "War of all the Worlds". Vision planned to continue Earth's subjugation of the rest of the universe, with the war cry of "Logic Over All".[1]

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