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Since his arrest and her near death experience, Dust continued visiting Donald Pierce in the Cell Block X. It was Pierce that revealed Ink as a non-mutant[1] and confirmed the Dust was in fact dying[1] because Magma melting her into a glass form.[2] Beast later also confirmed Dust's doomed state. Dust eventually attempt to assist Pierce in escaping because he promise to heal her. During his escape Dust seemingly died.[3] Later she is brought back to life by Ink utilizing his Phoenix Force-like powers again. Dust appeared completely healed, but the episode left Ink comatose. As noted by Beast his brain activity is subdued as if it had been overcharged.[4]

The X-Men battling Donald Pierce's Sentinex

The X-Men facing off against Dust

End of Days

This event led to the mutant race being hunted to near extinction by Donald Pierce, Dust, and Pierce's tenth generation Sentinels known as Sentinex. Only six mutants remain alive. The remaining living mutants include an elderly Wolverine, a muscular Graymalkin, an older Emma Frost now codenamed Diamondheart, Anole with two matching large reptilian arms, and an evil Dust. The sixth mutant is not revealed, but it is presumably Ink although he is not a true mutant. The X-Men now reside on the sovereign island nation of Xaviera, which was established by U.N. General Assembly Resolution GSXM1 at an unrevealed date.[3]

Dust aided in the extinction of the mutant race by hunting down and killing her former teammates and mentors because of the loss of her soul when Ink used his Phoenix Force-like powers to resurrect her. Dust explained this to a decrepit Ink after murdering the remaining X-Men.[5]


The sovereign island nation of Xaviera

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