Mar-Vell discovered that he had cancer years earlier than in Earth-616. He undergoes an examination by Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic, and Don Blake, and undergoes a treatment at their hands in the Plane of Rashnu, where time doesn't exist. Having cheated death, Mar-Vell feels guilty he hasn't taken advantage of his second chance to achieve things he wouldn't have dreamed of before. He heads out into space with Elysius, with the objective of ending the Kree-SkrulL War.

At the edge of the Andromeda galaxy, he finds two great armadas, Kree and Skrull. Mar-Vell tears through the weapons bays of the Kree Star Destroyers. Then does the same to the Skrull warships, after which he orders an immediate truce between the two in a broadcast transmitted via the Omni-Wave Projector. Threatening to destroy the two fleets with it if they refused to obey, and demanding that each fleet send an embassy to negotiate peace. The demand is heard across the Andromeda, Kree, and Milky Way galaxies.

The Silver Surfer then senses that the life force of two galaxies was being disrupted and headed to the Fantastic Four 's headquarters. Only to discover that a contagious plague is spreading across Earth, whose symptoms were identical to the cancer that had been afflicting Mar-Vell. While the emissaries argue with each other (and likewise Dorrek VII and the Supreme Intelligence via video screens), Kree and Skrull commandos attempt to infiltrate Mar-Vell's ship. Dr. Strange and Silver Surfer go to Titan, where they discover that the plague has likewise hit that moon.

Back in the Skrull empire, the plague spreads across the galaxy, known to the Skrulls as the Wasting Illness. The Skrulls suspect it of being a Kree bio-weapon and vow to take the Kree down with them. Meanwhile the Silver Surfer encounters a Kree warship and discovers that the Kree likewise are being ravaged by a plague, one which they call the Blackend and which they blame on the Skrulls. They ask that he lead them to Skrulls, so that the Kree can die like warriors. In the meantime, Mar-Vell has been attacking Kree weapons plants. Silver Surfer finds Mar-Vell and they battle, as the Silver Surfer attempts to convince Mar-Vell that he is spreading a plague across the stars. Back on Earth, Reed Richards has an epiphany, that Rick Jones was immune and therefore was the source of the cure.

Finally Mar-Vell is defeated by the Silver Surfer, who brings him on board Mar-Vell's ship and gets Mar-Vell to look into Elysius who was dying with his cosmic awareness. Upon which he discovered the suffering of all those daying across the cosmos from the plague and the threat that he posed to all humanoid species across the universe. Dr. Strange appears to give them the good news, that they found a cure. Which functioned best as a vaccine for those who were either uninfected or were in the disease's early stages. It worked only on humans though, so to save Elysius they gave her a dose of the cure augmented by Silver Surfer's power cosmic.

To end the threat he poses to the cosmos, Mar-Vell goes into permanent exile in the Plane of Rashnu, and Elysius elects to go with him. In the end, Mar-Vell achieved what he set out to do which is put an end to the Kree-Skrull war. The plague ravaged the two empires to such an extent (including killing the Supreme Intelligence) that they were unable to wage war. In the aftermath the universe experienced an era of peace and prosperity unlike any in its history. Back on Earth, the plague was eventually brought to heel.[1]

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