Earth-9061's history diverged during the events of World War II in which the Soviet Union took complete control of Germany following the defeat of the Axis Powers in 1944. As a result, the Cold War continued into the modern age. When Russia's leader Josef Stalin died, the Russian government created a robot duplicate of the dictator and fooling the public to believe that Stalin continued to live thanks to cybernetic enhancements that kept him alive and vital.

Near the end of the 20th century, the Stalin robot escalated hostilities between the United States and Russia, and almost plunging Earth into a nuclear holocaust. This crisis was averted by the Fantastic Four of Earth-616 who they disabled the superpowers' nuclear missiles that were airborne, and defeating the Stalin robot. The facsimile was then reprogrammed by Reed Richards to make peace with the United States and chose a successor before it "died". The new Prime Minister of Russia formally brought an end to hostilities.[1]

Mentioned: Fantastic Four vol. 1 #341 (1990)

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