In this reality, Loki gave the normally wit-less Hydro-Man vast knowledge, which Hydro-Man used to plan a trap for the West Coast Avengers. After capturing Hawkeye, Wonder Man and Dr. Pym, Loki took away Hydro-Man's smarts, causing him to be captured with ease.

Hydro-Man then revealed that he had placed a bomb designed to cause widespread destruction as a fail-safe plan. In hopes that he would diffuse it, Dr. Pym decided to let Hydro-Man free. However, without his hieghtened intellegance, Hydro-Man let slip the bomb's location before his containment field was opened.

When the three Avengers found the bomb, Hydro-Man couldn't remember how to disarm it, as he had desinged it while he had hieghtened intellegance. While contemplating what to do, the bomb started vibrating, and exploded, killing Hydro-Man, Wonder Man, Dr. Pym and Hawkeye instantly.

At the funeral for the fallen Avengers, Captain America gave the closing eulogy as members of both Avengers teams greived. As Janet van Dyne cried over Dr. Pym, a man in a black suit gaves her his condolences, and assured her he would try his best to make sure that this series of events never happened again.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the entire world suddenly vanished, erased from all existance.

  • Immortus destroyed this reality
  • This world seems to be identical to Earth-616, up until it splits off during the Acts of Vengeance event.

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