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The reality of Earth-91101 is similar to Earth-616 but with the events of Spider-Man's Clone Saga playing out differently. The key points of divergence were that Norman Osborn was indeed killed in his bout with Spider-Man after he murdered Gwen Stacy while his son, Harry Osborn survived his climactic fight with his former friend. With Harry in place of Norman as the surprise mastermind of the Clone Saga, events played out differently. Among the notable changes, Aunt May was never kidnapped and was present for the entirety of the events, Judas Traveller and the Scrier never became involved in Spider-Man's life, minor characters Gaunt and Seward Trainer were not involved, and Ben Reilly became Spider-Man sooner. Jackal's plan differed somewhat, there was no Spidercide or virus unleashed on the populace and Peter's doubts about his status as the original didn't cause him to join Jackal's side for a time. Harry tried cloning Norman, but without the Goblin serum in his DNA he was sane and sacrificed himself to stop his son's revenge scheme. Perhaps the most significant difference, baby May was not lost to her parents, and Ben Reilly survived to go live a life of his own.[1]



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