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In this reality, the original X-Men -- accompanied by Havok and Lorna Dane -- were not captured by Krakoa the Living Island, which they managed to defeat themselves. As a result, Professor X never assembled a team of international mutants to replace them. The original X-Men, minus the Beast who joined the Avengers for a time, continued operating together, defeating Count Nefaria's Ani-Men, destroying Larry Trask's Sentinels, and preventing the Shi'ar emperor D'Ken from unleashing the power of the M'Kraan Crystal on the universe.

The absence of the X-Men also affected the lives of their would-be replacements. Wolverine remained an agent of the Canadian government and became leader of Alpha Flight. Storm remained in Africa, although she had a civil encounter with the X-Men at one point. Thunderbird and Nightcrawler, however, were recruited as agents of Eric the Red; although defeated, Nightcrawler took to stalking the X-Men to get revenge.

Without their influence, the Phoenix Force was also affected, taking up residence in Earth's sun. Detecting the potentially destructive being, the Shi'ar came to Earth, intending to induce a supernove that would kill the Phoenix but also destroy Earth and its inhabitants. To save his planet, Cyclops offered to make himself a mortal vessel of the Phoenix Force and to be killed, thus protecting the universe at the cost of his life. Touched by his enemy's self-sacrifice, Nightcrawler knocked him out and took his place on board a modified shuttlecraft that was launched into the sun, killing the Phoenix Force and himself, and leaving the X-Men to mourn him.


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