Mutant-Human War

In one possible future, the world became embroiled in a massive civil war between humans and mutants. Following years of fighting, the humans won the war, but suffered tremendous losses. Even fewer mutants survived, most owing their lives to the efforts of Master Zhao's X-Men and Mama Hurricane's MUSE (Mutant Underground Support Engine). During this time, much of California sunk into the Pacific Ocean due a series of earthquakes and terrorist attacks. Most of the United States became uninhabitable and/or dangerous.During the anarchy, the richest amassed ever more power, widening the class divide between rich and poor. Black carders, the ultra-rich, lived above the law; megacorporations such as Stark-Fujikawa and Alchemax led the ruling class, with the Public Eye as their personal police.[1]

Oligarchic Regimes

Globally, the world consisted of five major states or political alliances which were the United States of America, the Free Russian Alliance, the Federated States of America, the European Continental Consolidate, and the People's Republic of China. Major cities included Hong Kong (China), Brussels (European Continental Consolidated), Mexico City (Federated States of America), Moscow (Free Russian Alliance), and New York City (United States).[2][3] In addition to Alchemax and Stark-Fujikawa, some of the other megacorporations included Pixel (from Spain), Synthia (from New York City), D/Monix (from Transverse City), Green Globe (from New York City), and Icy Eye (London).[4][5][6][7][8] The People's Republic of China had only one city that was open to the rest of the world, Hong Kong.[3] China was ruled by the Mercantile Houses which competed with each other for power. Feng Huang, the Red Phoenix of the South was challenging the ruling cadres with her economic maneuvers.[9] In China, families that were wealthy could be genetically enhanced. Using their wealth to design children and establishing long-live dynasties.[10]

New Heroic Age

In the year 2099, however, a new Heroic Age began. It began with Miguel O'Hara's experiments to replicate the original Spider-Man. O'Hara became a guardian for New York while battling the evil Alchemax corporation.[11] In the dilapidated remnants of the south western United States, the enigmatic Xi'an Chi Xan led a small group of mutants who became the loosely-knit next generation of X-Men.[12] Elsewhere, an exemplary agent for the Public Eye, Jake Gallows became obsessed with Frank Castle's old War Journal after his own family was gunned down, becoming the Punisher, taking care of criminals too important for the system to handle.[13][1] In Transverse City, a robotic Ghost Rider appeared[14], New York also saw Ravage[15], and Lotusland's John Eisenhart became a new Hulk[16]. Perhaps most importantly, a man claiming to be Doctor Doom awoke in Latveria and quickly took it back from its militaristic dictator, Tiger Wylde.[17] While there was some question regarding this Doom's true identity, he truly believed himself to be the Victor von Doom.[1]

Victor von Doom

Doom's ambition led him to America, and with one calculated strike he became the new President of the United States.[18] Doom gained allies in the Punisher and Ghost Rider, but alienated the powerful megacorps after killing Alchemax's head, Avatarr, and exposing him as an extraterrestrial.[19] Tragedy struck in Lotusland after another large earthquake caused a huge gamma bomb to go off[20], and Doom was forced to quell the uprising of Mutroids at Hellrock, killing Ravage, their new leader, and sinking the island[21]. The Megacorps struck back at Doom, as John Anthony Herod, one of the shadow rulers of America before Doom's presidency, unleashed his secret weapon-- a false Captain America, capable of swaying public opinion in his favor and unleashing a brutal campaign against Doom. One by one, Doom's allies fell, and a massive chemical weapons attack on Latveria forced Doom into hiding.[22][1] Doom's vengeance was swift, as he defeated Herod and destroyed the Captain America impostor.[23] However, horrified by the loss of life in Latveria, Doom used his time machine to travel back to the Heroic Age, where he hoped to force evolution upon modern Latverians so they would build immunity to Herod's chemical attacks. After battling the Sub-Mariner, Fantastic Four, Daredevil and his counterpart in the "past", Doom returned to 2099 semi-triumphant, with the Doom of the Heroic Age promising that he would ensure the world of 2099 would not be his future.[24][25][1]

Phalanx Invasion

Phalanx invaders caused an earth-wide flood by melting the polar ice caps, and the Atlanteans invaded the now-aquatic New York, hoping to make it the new capital of the Atlantean empire. Spider-Man managed to drive the Atlanteans back, but Alchemax fell in the process. As the waves continued to rise, Earth's inhabitants sought shelter, and many found it in the Savage Land. While most attempted to return to normal in their new habitat, Doom made a deal with the Phalanx, pretending to be their ally. Using a sleeper Phalanx named Winn as a Trojan horse, Doom managed to corrupt the Phalanx circuitry and destroy them, but seemingly died as well. His final wish was to pass Latveria on to the young Nostromo, with Winn as his adviser.[26][1]


As the geology re-stabilized, Miguel O'Hara moved back to New York where he rebuilt Alchemax and assumed leadership of the organization. Xi'an Chi Xan and his X-Men remained in the Savage Land, building the new Xavier City. Deep under the ocean, Spider-Man's brother, Gabriel O'Hara, and Xina Kwan discovered the location of the true Captain America, Steve Rogers, frozen for years after the battle between humans and mutants. Rogers was handed the newly rediscovered Mjolnir by Miguel and gained the power of Thor just as Uatu returned to Earth. Uatu explained the nature of a dangerous spatial barrier and quickly gathered a large group of heroes to deal with it. Although the barrier was destroyed, Uatu sacrificed his life and Rogers was lost in space; but before he had drifted too far, Rogers threw Mjolnir back to Miguel. With the help of the hammer, Miguel lived for the next thousand years, helping humanity grow and thrive. Eventually, Steve Rogers was found again, and an aged Miguel finally passed the hammer back to him.[27][1]

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