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Captain America stopped Deathbird's attempted assassination of the Kree co-rulers. Who then fired on Deathbird, killing her. Ael-Dan concluded that she would not have been able to infiltrate Hala without help, and pointed to the Supreme Intelligence as the culprit. Who revealed it's role only to be killed by a virus activated by Ael-Dan after which he turned on his fellow co-ruler Dar-Ben and kills him. The Avengers are taken to the concentration camps, except for Captain America who is kept around to witness the destruction of Earth. He ordered the use of the Omni-Wave Annihilator, a weapon that not even the Supreme Intelligence dared use and which generations of Kree refused to use. Cosmic lightning hurtled toward Earth through the sub-space domain and hit the world nearly instantaneously. Within seconds, the planet was consumed by flames billions of degrees hotter than that of a star.

Soon afterwards, the Kree did the same to the Shi'ar Empire, destroying their homeworld. Iron Man and Goliath were now hunted down as terrorists by the Kree vowing to continue the fight, to save 1000s of other worlds from the same fate. Iron Man created a diversion outside while Goliath infiltrated the prison using Pym particles, and switched places with Captain America. Ronan defeated Iron Man who then seized Ronan, and self-destructs, killing them both. Several days later, with the help of the Kree Underground Resistance, Captain America freed the remaining Avengers from the concentration camp. Sersi and Hercules their lives and took out the camp while giving Captain America, the Black Knight, Cystal, and the Kree rebels time to escape. Kree warships intercepted them, only to be destroyed by Quasar and the Shi'ar dreadnoughts that came out of a warpgate. On board the warships were the remnants of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and the Avengers who had been tasked to go to the Shi'ar throneworld but never made it there. Captain America then vowed that the Kree Empire would go down.[1]

Several years after the Kree's victory over the Shi'ar and the destruction of Earth, the Kree dominated six sectors of space. Any resistance they encountered was brutally crushed. It was a genocidal fascist empire that had exterminated 1000s of "genetically unfit" races and 1000s more faced extinction, and in their prison camps were those who opposed their rule including both the Skrulls and rebellious Kree. Galaxies squirmed and pleaded for mercy under the boot of Kree oppression. Ruling the empire was the mad emperor, Ael-Dan. Keeping what little hope remained alive where a band of rumored and rarely seen heroes, freedom fighters made up of survivors of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and the Avengers. Within the Kree Empire, even the Kree are oppressed by Ael-Dan's regime, overseen by "Morale Officers". Citizens are often forced to go without food, as the resources of the empire are devoted to the ever growing military-industrial complex.

The freedom fighters infiltrated a remote lunar Kree base, and stole billions of gigabytes of data, though at the cost of Smasher who gave his life to cover their escape and of the Black Knight who died from his wounds en route back to the Avengers' secret base. In addition Vision was gone, as the data storage units they stole were too badly damaged, therefore he volunteered to have the data overwrite his mind. Using the stolen data, a fleet of warships made up of the remnants of the once mighty fleets of those races that had been conquered by the Kree headed toward Hala in a desperate attempt to overthrow the Kree regime. Leading them were the Avengers and assisting them were Fifth columnists within the Kree military. Greatly outnumbered it appears the fleet would be destroyed when out of a warp gate "Space Patrol" emerged, a force of superhumans led by Quasar (and including the Silver Surfer, Firelord, Nova, the Super Skrull, and others) and joined battle against the Kree fleet. Another team of Avengers infiltrated Kree airspace via a small dropship from which they bailed out of before it crashed into the Citadel of Judgement. Thor in turn led an Asgardian force into Hala via a portal, joining the battle.

Wonder Man fell in the fighting in space, while Captain America's team was intercepted by the Kree Starforce which ended with the death of Starforce. The team covered Captain America who made it to the Supreme Intelligence's former chamber, uploading the AI's data. Resurrecting the Supreme Intelligence which enraged at being betrayed reached out across the intergalactic Kree empire via the computer web and gave a self-destruct command. Within seconds, throughout the empire, industrial centers, military command & control systems, and communications were are all crippled or destroyed. Ael-Dan committed suicide and the data processing overload reduced the Supreme Intelligence's hardware to slag, permanently erasing the AI. With the fall of the Kree empire, hundreds of smaller confederacies and republics emerged, which Captain America told Quasar would have to learn to co-exist. Wonder Man's lifeforce was merged with Vision's body, bringing Simon back to life.[2]


  • Kallark appeared on the cover of What If...? #56, but never appeared elsewhere.

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