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During Thanos battle with Warlock and Earth's heroes, the Silver Surfer managed to take the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos. Warlock told Silver Surfer to give him the gauntlet for safe keeping, and he refused. He put the Gauntlet on and reversed what Thanos did, restoring to life all the heroes who he had killed and tortured during their battle, after which he sent them all back to Earth except for Adam Warlock and Thanos. Next he altered Thanos' former platform and when the cosmic aspects appeared he told them not to fear him as he understood the role they played in the universe and sent them on their way.

Thanos and Warlock remained because he decided that they would serve as his advisors. He began to reorder the universe according to his vision. Curing the sick, and putting an end to disease and illness. No longer would there be hunger, as those who had previously been starving now experienced a bounty. He decreed that neither hatred or war should exist, as age-old enemies embraced (such as the Skrulls and Kree). Nor would there be greed or poverty, as the rich shared their wealth. He put an end to both natural disasters and manmade strife. Thanos questioned his vision, inquiring as to whether peace would make the universe a crowded place, and if the cosmos would no longer experience death. The Silver Surfer informed them that Death would still exist but in a new form, a being that was cherished not feared as she was now a guide to to a higher plane.

As evil had no place in his universe, he entered Mephisto's realm to transform him into a being who would fit in his cosmos. Refusing to submit, Mephisto attacked the Silver Surfer and was completely destroyed. He then sent the Warlock and Thanos to Stephen Strange's sanctum. Dr. Strange came up with a plan to get him to listen, which would rely on a woman. After pondering his godhood, Radd summoned Thanos and Warlock back. Now a giant he declared that he had decided to embrace the omnipotent power of the Gauntlet, through which he would reshape the universe into an orderly cosmos.

Dr. Strange then appeared with a resurrected Shalla-Bal, whom the Silver Surfer already knew about. So that the two of them would be together forever, he gave her half his power, so that the two of them would rule creation together. She attempted to convince him to give up his power, as no mortal, no matter how noble, should have that power. The Silver Surfer refused to listen, therefore she attacked him. The two battled with each other and at the moment that the Silver Surfer was about to kill her, her last words of love stopped him and made him realize what he had become. To protect the universe from the two of them, the Silver Surfer decreed that they were no more.

Upon his disappearance, the Infinity Gauntlet became a ruined powerless glove. Warlock and Stephen Strange returned to Earth, while Thanos stayed and pondered it all. In reality they had not died, as the Silver Surfer and Shalla-Bal were on a deserted nameless world far from those who would disturb the two. Before he rejected godhood, he had created a paradise unknown to all in the cosmos. Where the two of them would live out the rest of their mortal lives in peace.[1]

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