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The history of Earth-941066 presumably mirrors that of Earth-616 up to the point where the Brotherhood of Evil Mutant planned to break out some of its members being held in Ryker's Island. They came into conflict with the Avengers. Rogue battled some of the Avengers and their ally Spider-Woman and absorbed the powers of first Captain America and then Thor. Due to her lack of experience with Thor's powers, Rogue devastated the Avengers, killing Vision, Jocasta, and Hawkeye and left Thor in a vegetative state. Rogue then left with Mjolnir after realizing that she needed to go help Mystique.

The Avengers brought in the Fantastic Four to help save Thor. However, Thor had already died. All-Father Odin sensed the death of Thor, but he was unable to remove Thor's powers from Rogue. So, he sent a group of Asgardians to take her out. Elsewhere, the Brotherhood freed their imprisoned members after turning Iron Man's armor into a bomb to take out Ryker's Island's generators, killing the hero. As the Brotherhood escaped in a jet, Blob flirted with Rogue. Rogue became irritated and punched Blob out of the jet, killing him. Pyro accused Rogue of being a traitor and unleashed his flamethrowers, not realizing that it would ignite the jet's fuel. The jet exploded and crashed, killing everyone aboard except Rogue. Rogue became heartbroken, blaming herself for the Brotherhood's deaths. She was then approached by Loki who promised her closure if she went to Asgard with him. Loki seduced Rogue and convinced her to help him attack the city of Asgard, though he planned on getting rid of her once his plans came to fruition.

When Odin's contingent of gods tracked Rogue where she was last spotted, they lose the trail. Back in Asgard, Loki, his forces, and Rogue invade Asgard with Rogue making easy work of the Asgardians. Things changed when Odin's contingent of Asgardians arrived with help from the Fantastic Four, the surviving Avengers Wonder Man and Beast, and Spider-Woman. Loki realized that his plans were in trouble and decided to take out Odin. He teleported himself and Rogue into Odin's throne room where Loki ordered Rogue to kill Odin. Odin didn't put any resistance as he was too sadden by Thor's death. Rogue tried to kill Odin, but she couldn't do it after seeing how Odin was. Rogue was then met by the spirit of Thor who told that Thor wasn't just a person but a concept and asked her to take his place. Rogue agreed and turned on Loki. After defeating Loki, Rogue helped take out Loki's forces. Rogue then became the new Thor and was adopted by Odin. All of this was witnessed as a vision by Destiny of Earth-616.[1]


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