The British-originated Spectacular Spider-Man title was originally based in the continuity of the 1994 Spider-Man animated series, but eventually diverged enough to be considered a seperate universe.

Other Residents

Hollis (Earth-9411)


Hollis was a security guard at Oscorp and when summoned to court he declared to the judge that on the night of the death of Norman Osborn he was on duty and accused Spider-Man of murdering Mr. Osborn tossing him in a vat of burning chemicals[1].

Kaufmann (Earth-9411)

Dr. Kaufmann

Dr. Kaufmann was the psychiatrist of Harry Osborn[2].

Mack (Earth-9411)


Mack was a passer-by on the streets of Manhattan who noted the presence in the sky of a flying dragon and Spider-Man[3].

Moretti (Earth-9411)

Professor Moretti

Professor Moretti was an Italian leading expert in the field of cybernetics. Spider-Man was unable to prevent the abduction of Professor Moretti by the A.I.M. due to the intervention of the Absorbing Man[4].

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