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Gamma bombs were dropped on World War II-era Japan in the year 1945, first on Hiroshima and then Nagasaki. Tens of thousands were killed, but the survivors were mutated. Violent, bestial mutates of primal rage were spawned. Others were equally deformed by the radiation but kept their human intellect and reasoning. Then there was a minority of them, who were not physically altered but there mental abilities had been enhanced beyond what was thought possible.

Whom organized the others into a monstrous army, which called itself the Emperor's Oni (Emperor's Demons). Their vengeful counterattack across the Pacific Ocean, devastating the United States. None could stand against a superhuman army of thousands and the Allies' super-heroes of that time (e.g. the Invaders) all fell, except for the Sub-Mariner who returned to the sea and was never seen again. and spawned hundreds of hulk-creatures. The United States was conquered within a month and forty years of occupation followed.

The United States became a satellite nation of Japan and was prosperous like it had never been before. Laws were passed that were uncompromising which eliminated crime. The United States traded with the German Third Reich (which ruled Europe) and the United Kingdom. Americans became a lower social caste. In the eyes of the Japanese, the Americans had lost "face" because they lost the war. They had no rights, lacked civil liberties, and could not vote. As long as they work hard, bow to the Japanese, and smile they were left alone to live their lives. In charge of the occupation is an Oni, known as the Leader who answered to no one except the emperor. Who like all the other Oni was now dying as cancer slowly ate away at his mind, making him increasingly paranoid as his sanity was eroded. The Oni in the United States pledged allegiance to him rather than the emperor.

Nick Fury took advantage of the situation and with his American Revolutionary Army began to wage guerrilla warfare against the occupation. The Oni's retaliation was brutal which generated more unrest. Dr. Banner was a scientist working for the occupation who was working on trying to create a cure for the cancer afflicting the Oni. By this time pockets of superheroes like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four began to emerge, the former who disappeared and the latter whom were imprisoned by the authorities. Banner was approached by Nick Fury, but Banner refused to help him, fearing that doing so would endanger his loved ones. Later his wife Betty Ross was murdered by Oni.

Enraged and seeking revenge he rigged a gamma bomb with the objective to kill the Leader and himself. Due to tampering by Nick Fury, he was forced to save his life and was mutated into the Hulk, who had the strength of an Oni but still retained his great intellect. He then joined the American Revolutionary Army, becoming its most powerful weapon and greatest hero. Rallying to his side was an army of super heroes, including the Sub-Mariner, Thor, and the X-Men who had already been waging their own covert war against the Oni. The Hulk freed the Fantastic Four, who likewise joined the American Revolutionary Army.[1]

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