During the fighting with Earth's heroes, the Silver Surfer managed to take the Gauntlet from Thanos. Who quickly reacted, blasting the Silver Surfer who thend ropped the Gauntlet. Before Thanos could reclaim it, when suddenly the Impossible Man grabs the falling Gauntlet and puts it on to the dismay and disbelief of those present. The Cosmic entities soon appear, demanding he surrender the Gauntlet. Rather than fight them, the Impossible Man flees, taking the Silver Surfer with him. The Silver Surfer tries to convince him to give up the Gauntlet while he uses the power of the Gauntlet to have fun. Having seen what is the Silver Surfer's deepest desires, he brings back his homeworld Zenn-La and his love Shalla-Bal, as well as restoring his humanity. The Impossible Man then headed back into space to make more changes, starting with a very selfish one.

The Silver Surfer was then alerted by Galactus of the threat the Impossible Man posed to the cosmos. He returned to the stars as the Silver Surfer once again, finding a bound Galactus facing execution at the hands of the Impossible Man. Who blamed him for the destruction of his homeworld and his people, though he was the one who brought Galactus to his homeworld to end his kind due to their boredom. The Silver Surfer convinces him that together with Galactus he could restore his homeworld and its inhabitants. He begs Galactus to help him and in exchange offers to surrender the Gauntlet, to which Galactus agrees. To create Poppup, the newly created Zenn-La is sacrificed. The last act the Impossible Man does before giving up the Gauntlet is give every Poppupian the ability to have independent thoughts. Galactus reveals to the Silver Surfer that Zenn-La was an illusion just as the new Poppup was an illusion. The Impossible Man returned the Infinity Gems to the Elders of the Universe. After which the Silver Surfer discovers that he gave the Poppupians the powers, memories, personalities, and appearances (though with green skin) of Earth's superheroes and villains.[1]

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