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Kang the Conqueror detonated a bomb in New York City, killing many of it's heroes. The rest of the world was quickly conquered and Kang had the world leader's sign a document of surrender in the White House. During the ceremoney he was approached by Baron Mordo, Abomination, and Cobra who stormed through Kang's troops and pledged allegiance to him in exchange for a doman to rule. Kang was initially hesistant to ally himself with these men, but they proved themselves during an attack by Namor and the Atlanteans, which had been predicted by Mordo. Namor was forced away and Kang congratulated the trio and offered them a domain each, but during the conversation, Kang was alerted to an attack on Berlin by an army of robots. Baron Mordo transported them to Berlin where after a long campaign, Kang was eventually able to defeat Doctor Doom and drove him into hiding. During this time, other rebel groups such as Mole Man and the Skrulls had also attacked but were all stopped. Kang began enslaved multiple of each, including the giant subterranean monsters under his control. Kang threw a parade for himself, but no one was celebrating and he saw someone had graffited logos of the former heroes alongside a mushroom cloud. Mordo wanted to make an example of the crowd, but Kang did not want to kill people and wanted his subjects to come to love him, rather than fear him.

Two years later in the Oval office, Kang held a cabinet meeting where saw footage of how Cobra was mistreating his subjects in Africa, exacerbated by infighting between the groups and warlords. During this meeting, Kang bemoaned the lack of a government body and Mordo brought up the idea of making Kang a hero to the masses and they should find a giant creature for Kang to slay. Kang seet his sights on the Hulk and traveled to confront him in Tijuana. Kang confronted him under the expectation that Mordo, Cobra and Abomination would assist, but they didn't respond to his messages. He shot the Hulk but the weaponry did nothing and he found his anti-gravity systems were unexpectantly malfunctioning. Several weapons also proved useless with the Hulk managing to punch him, nearly knocking Kang out. The two engaged in combat, and Kang seemed overwhelmed until the Hulk passed out and transformed back into Banner. Mordo, Cobra and Abomination arrived scene and indicated they had never heard his summons but Kang suspected Mordo had betrayed him but didn't want to risk the other two not being involved. Abomination attempted to take Banner (seemingly to kill him) but Kang stopped him, not wanting to ruin his image and placed Bruce in the cryo prison.

The earth was then visited by the Silver Surfer and Galactus, with Kang confronting him but found his men unable to stop the World Eater from building his device that would consume the earth. Kang then allied with Namor and the Inhumans. Sometime before the battle, the Watcher appeared to Kang and told him about the Ultimate Nullifier which Lockjaw and Crystal went to fetch. The rest set about creating a distraction and Kang considered fleeing through time to escape, since Mordo and Cobra had fled, while Abomination remained to fight so decided against it. The Surfer killed Namor, while Gorgon was killed by Galactus, just before Lockjaw and Crystal returned witn the Ultimate Nullifier. Mordo and Cobra returned and seemed like they were trying to take the Nullifier but Kang stopped them. Galactus warned them the power of the weapon and Kang said their planet was doomed anyway. Galactus conceeded to not devour the earth in exchange for the Nullifier, but Crystal and the others refused. Kang was convinced to give Galactus the Nullifier, which angered Mordo but Crystal handed the weapon over anyway. Galactus, the Surfer and the Watcher left. Kang decided he needed to make permanent allies of the Inhumans and approached Black Bolt. However they turned him down and threatened war if they sought him out again.

Kang had Banner placed in a device which prevented his transformation into the Hulk and had him brought to his throne room. Banner angryily discussed Kang's crimes against humanity in New York but Kang brushed him off and showed Bruce the increased problems of crime, poverty and requested Bruce's help in fixing these problems. Though Banner refused to work with a monster, he agreed to help his people. The first thing Banner discovered was the rumors that Mordo was committing human sacrifices, and promised to deal with him and the other lieutenants. After hearing more problems that were befalling the world, Kang revealed he was becoming tired with dealing with the attacks from other villains and wanted to flee. After further discussion, Banner discovered Kang had developed a sense of duty to protect people after killing the Avengers and seemingly had some guilt over setting off the bomb.

Dormammu and his forces attacked Kang's fortress. Kang and his forces were overwhelmed as Kang's weaponry was seemingly ineffective against the denizens of the Dark Dimension. Kang suspected Mordo, Cobra and Abomination had allied themselves with Dormammu and reached out to the trio and found them just having completed a ritual. Kang was attacked by Mordo and staged a coup against the Conqueror, and revealed they had indeed allied themselves with Dormammu and would bow down to their new ruler. Kang tried to plead with Cobra and Abomination but they revealed they wanted to work for Dormammu and had grown sick of Kang. Kang was about to killed but managed to activate the room defense systems which instantly destroyed the trio. Kang realised he couldn't defeat Dormammu but the Avengers could have and decided to travel back in time with Banner in an attempt stop himself from killing them. Kang tried to convince his younger self to shut down the device, but the younger Kang refused. The two fought and the older Kang was injured and tried to flee but failed. Banner arrived during the fight and transformed into the Hulk. The Hulk initially turned on the older Kang but was able to remember the attempt to stop the bomb and attacked the younger Kang. This distraction allowed the older Kang to stop the bomb. With this reality prevented, Kang and Banner faded from existence.[1]

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