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Spider-Boy (Past)[src]


Heroic Age

This reality followed the same path of Earth-9602 until the battle between Spider-Boy and Scavulture on Suicide Street. In this reality, however, Scavulture murdered the arachnid hero.

2099 A.D.

Chronal Collapse 2099

Inspired by Spider-Boy, heroes Living Lightning Lad, Psi-Girl, and Vance Cosmic created the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099.

Using the Time Square Generator, created by Martinex 5, the Legion teleported Spider-Boy moments before his death. Suddenly, the Frightful Five attacked them and destroyed the Time Square Generator, causing a Chronal Collapse. Spider-Boy was miraculously rescued before the collapse.

The End of the Line

The survivors of the disaster attempted to prevent it from happening. They spend then next five years rebuilding the Time Square Generator. Once functional, Living Lightning Lad went back and rescued the time-displaced Spider-Boy. He was then sent to Earth-12772.[1]

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