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Earth-9712 seemingly had the same history as Earth-616 until the day of Flash Thompson's going away party. Here, 616 Deadpool and Blind Al were displaced to 9712 and knocked out May Parker in the process.

Not yet realizing they were in the past, Deadpool teleported to Hellhouse, but was beaten by Sister Butcchie. He barely made it back to Aunt May's House before his teleporter gave out. As Al took May's identity, Wade took the identity of her nephew Peter. Looking through May's photos, he noticed that Jack Hammer was a classmate of Peter's and made his way to Empire State University.

After he arrived, he called Peter and told him to go to New Jersey. He tried to convince Jack to help fix his teleporter, but to no avail. He then spent the day impersonating Peter, taking the opportunity to persuade Gwen Stacy to invite Jack to Flash Thompson's going away party.

At the party, Jack asked Gwen to dance with him and she accepted. Their dance was cut short when Kravin the Hunter crashed the party and attacked Harry Osborn. Deadpool attempted to rescue Osborn, but Harry's father appeared and was simultaneously need to be saved by the Merc with a mouth. Before the night ended, Pool finally got Jack to fix his teleported before he and Blind Al went home.[1] Earth-9712 is also the home reality of Otto Howlett who is a member of Doctor Octopus' Superior Four.[2]


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