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Earth-97751 would diverge from Earth-616 when Rhomann Dey would send his powers to a random human on Earth. In this reality, they would be endowed to a criminal, whose identity is unrevealed. He would eventually team up with Dr. Doom, the Red Skull and the Sphinx. They would find Dey's ship and use it as the staging ground for their assault on their worlds heroes, killing them all.

After the Fantastic Four (the Earth's last heroes) would fall, the four villains would begin determining how best to rule the world. However, each villain would intend to eliminate the others, with Dr. Doom attempting to kill Nova. During their fight, Doom would be killed from behind by the Red Skull who would then attempt to slay Nova. He would fail and ultimately the Sphinx would kill both the Red Skull and Nova. With his partners now eliminated, the Sphinx would then use the computers aboard the Xandarian ship to connect his mind with every living being on the planet Earth in order to try and find a means to die, even though it would potentially kill half the population on the planet.


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