The Juggernaut had killed the X-Men
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Earth-What If? Vol 2 94
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The Juggernaut had killed the X-Men in their first encounter, thus unknowingly dooming all of humanity and himself. There being no X-Men to realize the threat in time, the Sentinels were built in such a large number that they could overwhelm all super-powered individuals in a single strike. Next, due to their faulty programming, they released a lethal radiation to eliminate the source of mutation, humanity itself. Within a rather short while, the Juggernaut, protected by the enchantment of Cyttorak, found himself alone, everyone else dead. Only the Sentinels were still there but, over long years, he had defeated all of them. Just when Cain had lost all hope of ever seeing another human face, he learned of a secret underground community protected by Magneto. So determined to find someone to talk to, the Juggernaut broke through the protective walls around the community, thus exposing them to the radiation as well. Realizing that he had doomed the few people living there to slowly die of radiation poisoning, Cain headed back and left them alone, knowing that soon he would truly become the last living being on Earth.

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