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Thor was banished by Odin to Midgard to live as the man named Donald Blake. In 1963, Odin decided to destroy Midgard by plunging it into permafrost and took Thor back home to Asgard. Odinson however protested the destruction of the place he grew to love and pressured Odin into a Contest of Champions for the sake of that Realm. Thor assembled a group of warriors, the Avengers who battled Asgard's mightiest in a series of fights to the death. The Contest was held in former Central Park and all Asgardians gathered to watch. However, as they fights went on Loki arrived to announce that the Frost Giants have destroyed Asgard and the Bifrost in their abscence. Realizing the folly of his ways, Odin changed his mind about Midgard and settled his people there, living in peace with Earthlings in New Asgard. Loki's words were of course a lie, but Odin knew it and allowed Loki to keep the Old Asgard for himself anyway, for the Kingdom was no good to him with the subjects to manipulate.[1]


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