Angry at the people of the world, the Mole Man sought to enact vengeance upon everyone. To that end he manipulated the subterranean creatures under his control to begin digging into the Earth's core in order to hollow the planet out. Its weight altered, the planet's orbit suffered, causing it to be drawn towards the sun. Seeking to halt this, Reed Richards and his three allies piloted a ship into space, hoping to seed the earth with additional elements to restore its weight. In such haste to accomplish this mission, crucial shielding was left off the ship, and the crew and the elements on board fell victim to cosmic rays and crashed back to earth. Back on the planet, the four found they could each control one of the elements. Using their abilities in unison, they restored the Earth to its correct orbit. Though many of world's citizens still hid within the tunnels created by the Mole Man's creatures, the Fantastic Four became heroes to the world they'd saved.

Mole Man, Fantastic Four

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