The history of Earth-9904 mirrors that of Earth-616 until the 1950's. In this reality, the super-heroes Marvel Boy, 3-D Man, Gorilla Man, Human Robot and Venus were all active super-heroes during this time.

When the evil Yellow Claw would attempt to take over the United States, he would do so by kidnapping President Eisenhower as ransom. Jimmy Woo of the FBI would recruit Marvel Boy, 3-D Man, Gorilla Man, the Human Robot and the goddess Venus into a team to save the president. Dubbing themselves the Avengers, they would clash with Yellow Claw's minions which consisted of the heroes old foes: The Great Video, Cold Warrior, Electro, and Skull-Face. Ultimately, the heroes would succeed in rescuing the President, defeating Yellow Claw and his minions, although Yellow Claw himself would escape. Following his rescue, the President, believing that the knowledge of super-beings such as the Avengers would send the American public into a panic would order the group to disband and let their brief grouping together remain a secret. The members of the Avengers would agree with the President's decision and part company[1].

However, this would prove to be short lived as the group would be reunited and would be put on security detail during Fourth of July festivities in California that involved Vice-President Richard Nixon. Unknown to all, Nixon was replaced with an shape-shifting Skrull who was planted as a spy within the US government in a plot to destroy America's space program. This revelation would lead to the human race developing technology to reach the stars and wage war against the Skrulls.

This intended future would play against Immortus, who was seeking to prevent this fate from happening in a conflict that would become known as the Destiny War. Attempting to stop the chronal anomalies created by Immortus to disrupt the multiverse Earth-616's Wasp and Captain Marvel (part of a group of time displaced Avengers would travel to Earth-9904 to investigate. When 3-D Man would overhear the Wasp and Genis talking about Nixon and mistakenly believe them to be communist spies, leading to a clash between them and this realities Avengers. Ultimately, the two groups would learn that two of the FBI agents guarding Nixon were in reality Space Phantoms and before they could be stop, Immortus (disguised as a military general) would reveal the Skrull-Nixon when revealing himself. Explaining why he was here to foil the Skrull plot, Immortus would consider this reality a danger to his plans and would use the Forever Crystal to eliminate Earth-9904 from existence[2][3].

Avengers (Marvel Boy, 3-D Man, Gorilla Man, Human Robot and Venus) Jimmy Woo, Yellowclaw, The Great Video, Cold Warrior, Electro, Skull-Face, Black Dragons, Matthew Grayson, Hercules, Jann of the Jungle, Namora, Suwan, Karl von Horstbadden, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Skrulls

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