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This is the alternate universe where all of the Marvel Characters are kids except for Norman Osborn, J. Jonah Jameson, Aunt May, and Odin. Created by Chris Giarrusso and first appearing on the Bullpen Bullitens page, it was in a strip called "Bullpen Bits." Apparently the Marvel heroes have almost the same origins and history, other than the fact that they have humorous twists. For example, "Civil Wards," a representation of Civil War, shows Spider-Man getting unmasked on a newspaper front page. Several strips later, when he supposedly switched sides to Captain America, a different newspaper says "Spidey Re-Masked!" and shows Spider-Man putting his mask back on. The "Bullpen Bits" eventually became known as "Mini Marvels," stories ranging from the usual one page to a few pages. They could be seen as bonuses in random issues of comics and were for a while a regular backup feature of several Marvel Adventures comics.


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