The Shi'ar throneworld was being torn apart by a planetary civil war, one which Lilandra was losing. She came to Earth hoping to get help from its superheroes in regaining her throne. A conference between the exiled Shi'ar and Earth's superheroes was held within Xavier's mansion. They were betrayed and cloaked Shi'ar warships annihilated the mansion. Without the superheroes standing in their way, the Shi'ar invasion was for all intents and purposes uncontested. It was believed that Lilandra's daughter Alanna Neramani betrayed the Majestrix, despising her mother she used Deathbird's tactics to seize control of the empire. In desperation, the remaining heroes stole transdimensional jump gates and attempted to use probes to send a distress signal across time and space. Alanna's troops led by Sauron prevented them from doing so, killing the Beast and Hank Pym, capturing Juggernaut, and maiming Wolverine. Dr. Doom and the surviving humans formed Team X.

Bishop and Deathbird ended up in this reality upon coming out of a jumpgate. Where they discovered an Earth with a fleet of Shi'ar War Galleons in orbit. They were beamed aboard one of the warships, and taken to the Shi'ar Majestirx. Who took them on a tour of the city, during which the Morlocks (Team X), a band of resistance fighters attacked them and rescued Bishop. One of the Morlocks (Falcon) was killed by Sauron, and another (Longshot) was captured by Deathbird. Bishop agreed to help them attack Alanna and during their attack Bishop killed Sauron, and Longshot was rescued by Angel who betrayed Alanna. During the fight between Alanna and Deathbird, Alanna was paralyzed by Deathbird's kick.[1]

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