A world where the dinosaurs survived, and reptiles rose to become the dominant species. Their lifestyle is focused on an eco-friendly world, and it is stated by Fantastic Saur that all evidence of their species would return to nature if they went extinct. Home of Britainicus Rex and the Dinosaur People.[1]

The High Evolutionary who created the Savage Land, had his agents kidnap the humans to use their genes in his quest to create a superior species. As he considered the mammilian form to be genetically superior to those of saurians and had created pseudo humans from primitive mammals which he hoped to stabilize with the genes of the kidnapped humans. His experiments posed a threat to the world's environmentally friendly culture. Which was a civilization that was in harmony with nature, to such an extent that if their species became extinct the only thing marking their passing would be fossilized bones as everything they've created would melt back into the Earth.

The Fantastic Five went to the Savage Land several weeks earlier and were not heard of since. The Eternity mountain range surrounds the Savage Land and within is a great city, a hundred square miles of buildings from which toxic gases were spewing forth, creating so much smog that a cloud bank covered the Savage Land. Excalibur went to investigate and their aircraft transport was destroyed by missiles, though they escaped in time. Upon reaching the High Evolutionary's tower, they encountered and defeated the Fantastic Five who were being mind controlled by the High Evolutionary. Upon the destruction of his machine, the pseudo humans reverted back to their original form. [1]

While the names of different individuals are based on different dinosaurs, all the inhabitants of this Earth are similar, all being roughly the same size and anthropomorphic, with normal variations between dinosaurs. However, when the Dinosaur people are exposed to Earth-616 for a long time, they transform into the dinosaurs they are named after.

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