America ruled by Red Queen (Madelyne Pryor) from a floating city.

This world's history is vaguely understood but fascinating. It was home to a large English-speaking empire headed by Queen Madelyne. But the queen became convinced that she would return from being set on fire, and built a bonfire to prove her belief. When she died, civil war wracked the empire... until the apparent return of the queen, returning like a phoenix.

Leading the empire through a cult of personality, she consolidated her position by ordering a war of conquest in Europe (which may have broken off during the civil war). The Europeans used genetic surgery to turn townsfolk into "hounds" - animalistic manhunting cannibals.

Queen Madelyne won the war in Europe using her world's Nate Grey, but he ran away. As she could not make her weakness known, she commissioned Forge, a scientist, to build her a machine to traverse worlds. Then, she left, ordering her people to prepare for a push into Asia as soon as she returned.

When she did, return, bringing Nate Grey with her, she immediately tried to bring the world under her control, but Nate fought back, killing her. He left soon afterwards, and what happened to this world afterwards in unknown.

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